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August 31 @ 11:00 AM: SUNDAY CELEBRATION
August 31 @ 6:00 PM: Middle East Crisis Lecture & Prayer

Join us as we hear the reasons for the crisis and Israel's role in end-time prophecy

September 3 @ 7:00 PM: Wednesday Worship & Prayer
September 7 @ 9:00 AM: Sunday Celebration!

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Hundreds Inviting Friends to Festival posted: April 4 @ 4:50 PM

Read the story: http://billygraham.org/story/hundreds-inviting-friends-to-el-paso-festival-this-weekend/

Feeding America's Hungry posted: February 22 @ 3:27 PM

Feeding America's Hungry, a food bank, operates out of Harvest Christian Center the Thursday following the 3rd Sunday of each month.

To be a recipient of the Food Bank groceries you must fill out an application and be approved  AT LEAST 3 DAYS BEFORE the Food Bank takes place.

You can pick up an application during business hours at Harvest Christian Center.

Medical Clinic posted: October 4 @ 6:39 PM

Harvest Medical Clinic, a free clinic, is open every Saturday from 9am to noon. For efficient service, ALL patients should arrive by 9:00am. For best service call 588-4127 a day or two before clinic to let the staff know you need an appointment.

It is a good idea to call the above number to make certain the clinic will be open on posted dates before you arrive. There are times when it is necessary for Dr. Barbara to close the clinic.

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